Search for Head of School


Central Christian School is actively searching for the next Head of School to lead us into the future. We eagerly anticipate the man or woman God has chosen to continue the good work He has begun in our midst. Along with executive search firm SIMA International, we seek a leader whose life and experiences equip him or her to guide "an exceptional institution with a wide array of strengths" (Executive Report by SIMA International based upon Central Christian School Constituent Survey).


We invite you to take a look at Central Christian School through the video (above), the Opportunity Profile (right), and our website. The process of candidacy is outlined at the end of the Opportunity Profile. If you believe yourself to be a strong candidate for the position, we invite you to apply. If you know a leader who would be a strong candidate, introduce him or her to this webpage as you pray for God's leading.


Please contact Laura Coverstone or Ed Poff, our SIMA consultants, with any questions about Central Christian School or the search process. We look forward to this journey together.


"We can look forward to the future, not only with thankful hearts for all that has happened in the life of our school, but also with hope and excitement for the future.  We are not about to stop the progress forward.  I can remember praying in board meetings that CCS would become God's light upon a hill.  I think that has happened.  Now it is our job to allow that light to continue to grow brighter and brighter."  - Sally Canfield, President, CCS Board of Directors


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